What is A Sanctified Art

Sanctified Art, is a collaborative team of ministers and artists, using our gifts to help craft creative resources for the church. Our aim is to help churches enrich their worship and educational experiences, through creative and artistic mediums.  

For, we believe that we are all created in the image of the great Creator, and thus share in the capacity to be creative and imaginative. As a team, Sanctified Art realizes that some of us learn best by doing, while others learn best by hearing or through sight. Therefore, to widen access to God, we believe we have to make space for all, by being creative, fearless, and messy. As a matter of fact, we believe that is our call. 

What Is Your Role?

I am one of four Creative Collaborators on the Sanctified Team. 

Although not formally trained, I considers myself a ‘creativist’ due to a lifetime of cross stitching, knitting, piano, guitar, singing, cooking, doodling, writing, video editing, photography, dance, liturgical movement planning, and poetry writing. I have experienced several years in musical training, but have found hands-on practice and a deep desire to learn, are my best teachers in the craft world.

From a theological standpoint, I value A Sanctified Art’s mission of bringing together worship and art because I adamantly believes that God finds us in a myriad of ways. Thus, I believes that the church has a responsibility to open every door to God, so that those of us who are visual, kinesthetic, or relational learners all have equal opportunity to engage God to the fullest of our abilities. Consequently, I feel called to live her life welcoming people into the church by using my energy and passion for beautifully-scripted words, raw and relevant liturgy, and hands-on worship experiences to engage our longing for God and the need for justice in this messy world.

As a member of the team, my specialty areas tend to focus on curriculum writing, liturgy writing, Bible Concept Maps, Video editing, creative worship planning, Craftivism (Craft + Activism), poetry, and keynoting. 


Want to Learn More?

You can find us on Instagram (@sanctifiedart), Facebook, and online!